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Apples in the Basket.....

In the famous speech on the night of 15 Aug 1947 put task before people  in the following words      “……. To fight and end poverty and ignorance and disease; to build up a  prosperous, democratic and progressive nation, and to create social, economic and political institutions which will ensure justice and fullness of life to every man and women.” These works are still in progress. This site tries to give deeper look in to these aspects and gives opinion on governance of the country which serves the citizens by safeguarding territorial integrity of the state, securing individual security, rule of law and delivery of services ranging from education, health and livelihood and food security.

As there is no accepted means of governance . There is divergence of opinion about the means between the conservatives and the liberals, between socialists and the communists. So a range of issues are picked from the world to bring an insight to the issues.

In short , what I perceive is  this brings insight to what secures justice, empowerment, employment and efficient delivery of services.

Question arises why one should read all these which lies in the domain of government  but let me remind of multi-sectoral approach to development that requires three principal actors – government, market and civil society- to play in concert  and to supplement each others capability. In a federal democracy, decentralization of power is viewed as necessary to empower people in rural and urban areas to improve their lot. This approach enhances the capability of an individual to take better decisions. It means a collegiate environment would be created to make people around you to behave in accountable and transparent manner.

My own experience shows when you have direct  access to the administration of the country it is possible to resolve issues that might have got complicated due to factional interest of political leaders at grass root, these articles on my site brings concerns of the society which will help you to resolve injustice to the society in general and marginal and poor in particular.

Wish you happy reading………..and decide why is there world at all having wide range of issues from corruption , environment, polity, threat to peace, empowerment, justice and so on……….. to complex issues of economy, International affairs, climate change and imagine why has not Doomsday come?


Dr Vikas  Kr Jaiswal

Assistant Professor

Banaras Hindu University 


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